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This Is The Real Issue

I was invited to appear on the Ricki Lake Show many years ago to address the issue of parental abduction. Ricki had assembled on stage a group of parents whose…

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Day Dreams and Night Dreams

A Dream may be that wonderful idea you treasure and long to fulfill, or it may be an awakening in the middle of sleep that impels you to. seek and…

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The Journey Is The Goal

What would I have done without the nursing school education? When I went to Brooklyn College School of Nursing I had no idea that the biggest lesson would not be…

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Some Background

A little background about the work I’ve been involved in with law enforcement for those who either would love to do the work or are curious. The universe is loaded…

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Teaching A Fish To Swim

Lifetimes ago, or before my face was full of wrinkles, I was introduced to Andrija Puharich. It would take pages to tell that part of the story and it would…

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Are You Psychic? 

I’ve heard other psychics and I’m also saying to you that everyone is psychic. Why would anyone who uses these gifts say that? Personally, I believe we need to settle…

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