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Some Background

A little background about the work I’ve been involved in with law enforcement for those who either would love to do the work or are curious. The universe is loaded with ideas floating around. Synchronicity is simply catching the rhythm of a dream when the universe agrees. Back in the 1970’s I had a group…

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Teaching A Fish To Swim

Lifetimes ago, or before my face was full of wrinkles, I was introduced to Andrija Puharich. It would take pages to tell that part of the story and it would be missing the point of this blog. You can look him up or wait for my Vimeo I’ll be doing. Andrija Purharich had Monday night…

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Are You Psychic? 

I’ve heard other psychics and I’m also saying to you that everyone is psychic. Why would anyone who uses these gifts say that? Personally, I believe we need to settle what that word means. Here are some things I’ve been asked: Are you a medium? Are you a clairvoyant or??? Can you astral project? Can…

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Metaphysical Threads

On Rosh Hashanah we ponder, as we do on January 1st of a new year, the Chinese New Year and any other new year, the meaning of commitment to new moments, peace and taking time to go within to enter into the world with more and more love. It brought back the thread of traveling…

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Soul Light News Volume #1

Gathering Friendship Like minded friends create and gather energy. The share fun, difficulties, private matters and more. Who do you turn to? What’s a deep breath? Who cares? Everyone needs to care about taking deep breaths. It’s the pivotal turning point for living well or…well, not living to whatever extent we deprive ourselves. Decades ago…

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The Gift of Music For Everyone

My first assistant, Kim, left our state, married and called me asking “can you please do a meditation tape for me. (now you know how long ago that was). I’m pregnant and would love to listen to a soothing voice.” From that request Inner Journeys For Mothers-To-Be book and music were born. That was about…

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