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Some Background

A little background about the work I’ve been involved in with law enforcement for those who either would love to do the work or are curious.

The universe is loaded with ideas floating around. Synchronicity is simply catching the rhythm of a dream when the universe agrees.

Back in the 1970’s I had a group of adult students for developing their spiritual gifts. One night we worked on the Son of Sam, a serial killer. A new woman had joined. She never did this before. Her response after focusing on the issues was, “I saw a name. David Berkowitz.” I had a name too. “Richard David Falco”.

The next morning the police arrested David Berkowitz!

Two weeks later it was reported that his birth name (he was adopted) was Richard David Falco.

What really worked? I believe it was our focus, nonjudgmental prayer that no one else is harmed and that he comes to the light.

There were a bunch more occurrences where law enforcement was involved however nothing where I worked with them until I moved from New York to New Jersey.

The first 5 minutes I was in my new home I sat with a bible in my hands, closed my eyes, and asked God to use me here.

Six months later I had my first police badge.

It was not my intention or focus to work with the police. I left it up to the Creator to decide what I do.

For me, that is always the way to do my life. I wrote my book because I needed to get others to know that anyone can be of service, don’t wait for the experts to step in. When asked to help I had no idea if I would be useful, still don’t know. I simply go to it and don’t judge the outcome.

My next book is full of fun times with wildlife and pets communicating back and forth. From a tiny yellow fish in the British Virgin Islands to a rescued bird that my four cats loved, each has been my teacher of the universal language we call love.


  1. Marina Breskin on September 18, 2021 at 7:50 pm

    You are a nice person. Thank you.

  2. Dani on January 23, 2022 at 11:34 am

    I just started reading All Nature Speaks and it’s such a wonderful book! I especially loved hearing about Beauty and about how you met your husband (especially since you had no interest in meeting anyone! Lol). I’m only halfway through the book so far and I’m very excited to continue reading. Thanks for sharing your stories ❤️.

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