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Do’s and Don’ts

Lets get rid of the don’ts first.

1: I do not respond to any requests to “just find the missing person or animal”. If you are not directly in law enforcement or the family, just pray for them, please don’t email me, it will be deleted.

2. I do not work by email, Facebook or any online program. I believe private sessions need to remain private.

3. Please do not write a request with all your concerns. My assistant reads the emails, not me. Please don’t expect me to “just answer me or just answer one question”.


Now for the Do’s

What do private session include?

Thank you for thinking I can be of any service to you. Before my assistant and friend, Sue sends you the information on readings please read this.

1. I do not tell folks their future. The future is created by patterns of what we do and all the other influences in our lives. Nothing is for certain. What I believe is important is to see that your soul gets to live out its best dreams, its creative yearnings and to feel fulfilled. Lots of things can interfere. As a nitpicker (sometimes) I’m known to be a “tough, calls it as I see it” kind of person. Hanging onto someone’s predictions, good or bad, does not help stay in the present moment, get things done, know how to live with the wild spectrum we call life.

2. I am a nurse at heart and my life is about healing. Having read bio’s of Florence Nightingale and Clara Barton when I was very young I dreamed of helping the world. I always ask “Flo” am I doing something worthwhile.

While I have done more than 40 years of personal readings, my heart is with helping people and pets with aromatherapy, natural resources and spiritual counseling. Without helping people help themselves or their loved ones, I find it not as spiritually inclined to just prove I can do something or just tell them what I get so I don’t do “just tell me if the job interview will go well, I only need 10 minutes.” If you are nervous about a job interview I might be of assistance only if I can prove to you, you have what it takes to not just get a job. Helping you know how to pick one that is the best for you and them and believe you can do that, that’s my job.

At this time in my life I have chosen what I believe makes the most difference in my life and the life of all. Education on mind/body/spirit. It is my personal belief that once we understand the importance of healthy spiritual, mental, emotional and physical life on this planet, our lives are lived more peacefully.

For that reason, every reading I do includes information on the use of the best self-help tools I have found.

If you are still interested in a session just email the Subject: Read Nancy’s letter.
Session fees: In-Person and Phone Sessions – $110/half hour and $200/hour.
Please just mention in the email you want a session. Sue will send you the information you need.

Please note that Nancy has a waiting list and payment for appointments are due upon confirmation. Your payment confirms your scheduled appointment time.

In the Light of Love,