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The Midnight Refrigerator Raid: A Vegetarian’s Tale

Being a vegetarian has generally been a breeze for me. I love my veggies, adore my fruits, and occasionally indulge in some Greek yogurt – organic, of course. And let’s not forget my faithful daily dose of B12. But recently, my evenings have turned into a bizarre nightly ritual involving the refrigerator.

Here it goes: I finish dinner around seven, feeling satisfied and nutritionally virtuous. Fast forward to nine o’clock, and suddenly, I’m up and about, prowling the kitchen like a ravenous raccoon. I open the fridge and stare into the cold abyss, hoping something new and exciting will magically appear. You know that feeling when you keep looking at the same items, expecting a culinary surprise that never materializes? Yep, that’s me.

A women squatted down looking in her refrigerator - The Midnight Refrigerator Raid: A Vegetarian’s TaleNaturally, I started wondering what on Earth my body was trying to tell me. Was I missing something? Enter my membership with Young Living and the timely arrival of their June loyalty rewards. Among the goodies, one thing stood out: Super B. A quick reminder that B12 is crucial, especially for vegetarians and vegans. Then it hit me like lightning – I had forgotten my B12 for the past three days! No yogurt, no hard cheese, and no B12 supplement.

In its infinite wisdom, my body had been trying to communicate this deficiency to me. It was like a little nutritional alarm clock urging me to pay attention. I congratulated my body on being so smart and promptly took my B12 under the tongue. Just like that, I knew the midnight snacking madness was over.

So, here’s a little nugget of wisdom for my fellow vegetarians and vegans: if you find yourself with unexplained cravings, consider what your body might be trying to tell you. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a forgotten supplement. Our bodies know what they need and have quirky ways of getting our attention when something’s amiss. Listen closely; the answers might be right there, nestled in your daily routine – or a tiny, powerful B12 sublingual (under tongue) supplement

Happy munching, and remember: the fridge holds no secrets, just reminders of what you’ve forgotten!

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