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I go from one extreme to another. On one end of the spectrum, I am working with various law-enforcement agencies for 42 years. Working on high crime along with taking an oath on things I can never share, I always look forward to switching gears. I still spend nights teaching meditation and developing gifts of…

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Day Dreams and Night Dreams

A Dream may be that wonderful idea you treasure and long to fulfill, or it may be an awakening in the middle of sleep that impels you to. seek and ponder for meaning. I have had dreams that I recorded upon awakening, and without looking at what I wrote, I can still see many decades…

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The Journey Is The Goal

What would I have done without the nursing school education? When I went to Brooklyn College School of Nursing I had no idea that the biggest lesson would not be about health, it would be about sticking to a promise to get things done. From crash carts, to stat orders, code blue, and a starched…

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Rescue Dog Stops Burglars

Note: My daughter, son, and I were returning home. I had a vision of a robbery in our home while we were out. Excerpt from “The Life Of A Psychic Detective”, one of two times Ramona helped solve a crime. I walked through the living room into the hall and stopped. To the left my…

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Missing Children, Adults & Pets

What do you do when you see or hear of some thing that is missing?  Unless you are in law enforcement, or the family of the missing being, I do not respond. At you can see how impossible the task is to, “just find….”. With over a dozen requests daily, for anything ranging from missing…

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Some Background

A little background about the work I’ve been involved in with law enforcement for those who either would love to do the work or are curious. The universe is loaded with ideas floating around. Synchronicity is simply catching the rhythm of a dream when the universe agrees. Back in the 1970’s I had a group…

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