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Rescue Dog Stops Burglars

By Nancy | September 27, 2021

Note: My daughter, son, and I were returning home. I had a vision of a robbery in our home while we were out. Excerpt from “The Life Of A Psychic Detective”, one of two times Ramona helped solve a crime. I walked through the living room into the hall and stopped. To the left my…

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Missing Children, Adults & Pets

By Nancy | August 22, 2021

What do you do when you see or hear of some thing that is missing?  Unless you are in law enforcement, or the family of the missing being, I do not respond. At you can see how impossible the task is to, “just find….”. With over a dozen requests daily, for anything ranging from missing…

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Some Background

By Nancy | August 7, 2021

A little background about the work I’ve been involved in with law enforcement for those who either would love to do the work or are curious. The universe is loaded with ideas floating around. Synchronicity is simply catching the rhythm of a dream when the universe agrees. Back in the 1970’s I had a group…

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The Shaggy Dog

By Nancy | January 26, 2021

Several encounters with pain-ridden, frightened, angry animals have taught me that coming from the heart not only makes it safe, it can also create miracles. One of them was a shaggy dog. Meeting my girlfriend to go out for lunch, she asked if I would mind helping a friend of hers. “Her dog has a…

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Peacock with its feathers spread out with blues and greens

One Beautiful Moment

By Nancy | January 12, 2021

Scottie, our precious grand-daughter, was seven and we were taking her to a zoo in Richmond, Virginia, on one of our visits. Scottie and I had a running argument. She thought I was silly believing that animals talk, and I thought she needed help to understand what I meant. We had just finished petting a…

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The Other Side

By Nancy | September 7, 2020

On a recent reading of a deceased older sister (her “baby” sister wanted the connection) a beautiful moment occurred that brought tears to my heart and eyes. We both feel strongly her sister’s death was a homicide. Her sister came through and after discussing details of both her life and death, she mentioned that she…

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A Door Opens

By Nancy | December 28, 2019

As 2019 has drawn to a close I think of what I need to release. Nature abhors a vacuum so what would I like to fill the void I would be creating? When necessity forced me to close the door to my nursing career (disabled), I remembered Helen Keller’s words: “When one door of happiness…

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Teaching A Fish To Swim

By Nancy | September 22, 2019

Lifetimes ago, or before my face was full of wrinkles, I was introduced to Andrija Puharich. It would take pages to tell that part of the story and it would be missing the point of this blog. You can look him up or wait for my Vimeo I’ll be doing. Andrija Purharich had Monday night…

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Are You Psychic? 

By Nancy | August 7, 2019

I’ve heard other psychics and I’m also saying to you that everyone is psychic. Why would anyone who uses these gifts say that? Personally, I believe we need to settle what that word means. Here are some things I’ve been asked: Are you a medium? Are you a clairvoyant or??? Can you astral project? Can…

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