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Missing Children, Adults & Pets

What do you do when you see or hear of some thing that is missing?  Unless you are in law enforcement, or the family of the missing being, I do not respond. At you can see how impossible the task is to, “just find….”. With over a dozen requests daily, for anything ranging from missing children to, “please just tell me…”, it is necessary for me to help those who care to do something other than email me to, “find or quickly tell me”.

I am writing this, in the hopes that those of you who send me a request, to just find this child ,that they happened to find out is missing, can think of ways to be of service.

For every documentary you see that is half an hour or an hour, know that the situation may have been over fourteen months of work, or ten days of long hours. Some cases took years. The fourteen months one was the parental abduction test case for President Jimmy Carter’s bill. Prior to the bill the parent who was missing their child or children had to steal them back. The bill made it a felony. The details are in my current book, The Life Of A Psychic Detective.

My encounters with law-enforcement after moving to New Jersey was very serendipitous. Over the 40 years it included everything,  burglaries, child and animal abuse, rapes, homicides and espionage. For those of you who want to make a difference, here are some ideas.

Read about some children missing, or adults, or pets, or jewelry, or contracts, and whatever else you have decided needs help. Start with working on it yourself! What do I mean by that?

When I began this work I had no idea how to do any of it. The recipe I used, was an absolute belief that we are all connected, including missing beings. There is no rulebook on how to do any of it. There is no rule book on how to get involved with law-enforcement. It’s like anything else that needs creativity, prayer, meditation, a strong faith and belief, including your willingness to give it all you got. Send out your prayers with focus and intention. I believe the universe can move it along. Only the Creator of life can judge what needs to happen. We are not in charge. If you truly believe that your prayers, thoughts, and feelings matter, then don’t question the outcome. Learn to live with the answers.

Here is my favorite way of talking to our Creator. “Thank you. If this is for the highest good, for the spiritual path of all those involved then….(fill in the request), and if it is not for the highest good for their (my, etc.) spiritual path, I graciously accept the outcome.

In the Infinite Light of Love,

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