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Essential Oils

As a child I liked some perfumes, then I lost interest. Years later I played with some essential oils however they didn't appeal either.

I was blessed with an introduction to Young Living essential oils through friends I trusted to know the difference. I experienced a remarkable difference between these precious gifts of nature's energy and all others.

I was not keen on chemistry as a student nurse. Using these essential oils every day for just about everything I became curious. How do they work? Why do they work? Why are they so different from others?

Here's a link that will walk you through the basics. If you have any questions or want to get started simply email me and we can set a time to talk. I love watching the aha's happen in other peoples lives!

Join My Community

Join my community and receive $25 in FREE resources from me!

Not sure what to order? Please email a request for a free consultation. Let me know the best times to reach you.

Upon being a part of my community I will send you the resources (printed booklets and references.

As your mentor in Young Living I am available to help you learn about:

Best ways to support your life, your purpose and to help others.

We work together through texting, calls, zoom, or whatever is easiest for you.

Here's how to obtain your Premium Starter Kit

11 Essential Oils + Diffuser for 1/2 off retail price...(or your choice of kits) and receive 24% off retail for life!

  1. Go to or scan the QR Code
  2. Click Enroll Today
  3. Make sure the information has "Who introduced you to Young Living?" has the Sponsor & Enroller #835516
  4. There are three ways to purchase, retail, 24% off as a customer on subscribe to save, or a subscribe to save Brand Partner.  The last one is for those who love to share and assist others.
  5. To select the products best suited for you, use the contact form for a free Young Living consultation.

Congratulation! You have joined me on this grand adventure of Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance!

Joyful Aroma is a Facebook club I created for my community. You will be invited to join it when you become a member of Young Living.