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Dee ColonTestimonial for Nancy Weber Personal Mentoring- Psychic Detective Work  4/7/2018

I had the opportunity to be mentored personally by Nancy Weber this past fall 2017.  I had always found psychic detective work to be meaningful to assist with bringing justice to the victim and especially offer help to family and loved ones who are left behind in a state of grief.  Nancy provided insights into the workings of psychic detective work that are based on confidence in one's abilities and trust.  She is a compassionate and understanding teacher who encourages the student to have faith in the process and free one's self of doubt while working metaphysically to discover evidence.

Through Nancy’s instruction and guidance, I have learned to look at every detail presented.  Like a detective, any clue received can lead to a connection and eventual breakthrough in a case. Developing a personal relationship with the victim as well the perpetrator on a psychic level as one seeks to connect and gather information is of greatest value.  She advises having patience, relaxation and not placing a limit on time which are essential in order to establish a psychic connection. This, in turn, can lead to gleaning information that helps in solving a case.  I have gained a greater sense of knowledge and clarity in honing in on a subject; utilizing the practical methods and protocols Nancy advises to open psychic barriers.  This can assist in attaining the spiritual link needed to reveal the circumstances of a crime or disappearance and hopefully bring closure to the matter.

I am so very grateful to Nancy for teaching me these valuable skills. Her kindness and understanding have been a blessing.  It has enhanced my abilities already and I work with a greater sense of confidence with all my spiritual work.

Deeangelys (Dee) Colon is a Spirit Communicator, Empath, Tarot Interpreter, Reiki Master and Paranormal Investigator.  Dee has been sensitive to spirit from very early childhood.  Experiences with interdimensional beings and spirit visitations made her aware there was more to reality than the material world we live in.  Psychic experiences and synchronicities were constant in her life.  After years of doubt, Dee learned to embrace those gifts and studied, researched and developed to become a professional psychic practitioner.  She has practiced in the metaphysical field throughout NY, nationally and internationally.

Dee has a BA in Psychology and Art History and works in the field of Social Services and managed health care.

She has traveled to historical and spiritual centers throughout the world to gain knowledge and insight to the dimensions of spirit.  Dee has appeared on television and radio, conducted paranormal investigations for the past 12 years and has been a lecturer on the subject of metaphysics.  She sees clients individually and in group settings.

I can be reached at for inquiries and appointments or visit my facebook public page:  Deeangelys Colon-Trans Psychic Express.