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Ever heard of psychic powers? Like you see in movies when someone knows who the murderer is, or can someone just tell a person's entire past by looking at them? What if I tell you a psychic detective joins us in today's episode? Yes, just like the ones you've seen in movies. Catch the latest episode of "Old Guy Talks To Me" with Author Nancy Orlen Weber. Also, on any podcast platform out there. #psychic #psychicdetective #psychicpowers #podcast

akaRadioRed welcomes four non-stop Creatives. Christine Van Horn is a Certified Emergency Manager, author of the books Captain Character and Teach Your Children Timeless Truths in Uncertain Times, and creator of the online program Wisdom Decisions – Foundational Values for adults and children. Nancy Orlen Weber is an RN, a minister, a medical intuitive, an animal communicator, a medium and psychic, a pen and ink artist, a psychic detective working with law enforcement, and the author of The Life Of A Psychic Detective. Robin Hitt is an adoptive mom, life and business coach, Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator in the work of Dr. Brené Brown, and the author of the upcoming book Open-Eyed Adoption, Real Help for Those Parenting Adoptees. Join akaRadioRed for reading My Lips: Creativity’s Not Scary or Spooky!


I know what you're thinking! Another psychic on the show? Yes! Because, number one, the audience loves them. And secondly, because this is a whole different ball game from what Fan Favorite Matthew Stapley does.
My guest today is Nancy Orlen Weber. Nancy has been a psychic detective for forty-seven years now! That's more than a lifetime for many of us! During that time, she has been utilized by numerous police agencies to aid in solving major murder cases. She's also been featured on TV documentaries worldwide, including broadcasting companies such as NBC, HLN, Court TV, A&E, and even Syfy!
It's a very interesting topic to discuss because even if you are skeptical about the psychic nature of her career: It's still a real-world occurrence that can happen any day in any place on major crimes.

Let's hear how Psychics get involved in murders! Happy Halloween, Everyone!
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That's all for now, and I'll see you all Monday for an artistic episode.

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