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Animal communication work breaks down into a few categories, missing animals, those who have crossed over, and animals that would benefit from psychic insights. This work grew serendipitously, through my own attachment to some furry, finned, and feathered friends. Sessions are done by phone or Zoom. It truly depends on the need and availability of time. As a medium and a psychic healer, sessions for animal communication are a 1/2 hour for $150 and 1 hour for $300.

On Becoming An Animal Communicator Workshop is given quarterly.

On Amazon, the book on animal communication "All Nature Speaks: Conversations With Pets & Wildlife" you can read the first chapter right there. Here are a few testimonials that may help you decide you too can easily communicate with all life.

Nancy is a very gifted intuitive teacher. I read this book in a few hours as I didn't want to put it down once I started. In her easy-to-follow, conversational tone, Nancy shares fun, amazing and miraculous stories of her personal connections with wildlife, pets, and clients' animals. Each story demonstrates how much more is possible in terms of rewarding relationships and healing when we approach them with respect and care. The author includes suggestions on how to practice working with our own pets and those we may not ever meet. I've already used one of the techniques on my dog and so I can say this is Piper-approved;-)

When reading about psychic phenomena and extraordinary souls like Nancy, it can be quite difficult to relate for most, but this book has made it easy. Where many would give only a surface-level view of their highest understandings, Nancy takes us through her life of learning so that we see how the dots connect for us. By providing both the learned wisdom and the research/lessons which that wisdom was built upon, the reader is given all they need to embody this wisdom for themselves. This embodiment process is made even easier by the practices which Nancy discloses. The reader is truly given every tool required to expand their consciousness and align with the modes of awareness that psychics utilize. There's no doubt this book is a powerful ally to all seeking a deeper connection with both the Creator and Creation.