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Becoming An Animal Communicator

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Are you new to Animal Communication or want to know more about it?

Click here to read more about Animal Communication.


Live Zoom Classes

This is a 2-day workshop, Part 1 and Part 2. Each workshop is 2 hours.
All classes are held twice, one for those who can attend evening classes East Coast, US time zone, and early afternoon classes East Coast, US time zone.

  • Creating a foundation for working on all species.
  • Learn to translate and interpret the universal language of energetic fields.
  • The art of interpreting what you receive. Seeking proof.
  • Learn the art of long-distance reading of missing pets.
  • How we influence the behavior of all companion animals.
  • Practice your skills in a group.
  • Mediumship with those who have crossed the bridge.
  • Shielding techniques that keep your frequency high.
  • Working with difficult situations. The importance of your emotions and more.
  • Practical mind/body knowledge that supports clarity of intention and focus.
  • The importance of recording your findings.

Upcoming Becoming An Animal Communicator Workshops:

Friday, 7:30 PM East Coast time, US, Part. One is December 9th, Part Two is December 16th.

Saturday, 2 PM East Coast time, US, Part. One is December 10h, Part Two is December 17th.

Register by November 20th and save $25.

Free for registering by November 20th, a signed copy of Nancy’s Book, All Nature Speaks. It makes a great gift for the holiday!

For payment plan or PayPal invoice
Email any questions to
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Your investment in the Animal Communication class.
$220 - Class + signed copy of Nancy's book (If you register after November 20th)
$50 - Sample Set of Essential Oils
Sample set consists of Young Living blends of Clarity, Surrender, and Highest Potential. The single oils are Sacred Frankincense and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood.

Click here for the Eventbrite link.

Nancy Orlen Weber, the author of All Nature Speaks, innately knows how to converse with all species. After working with the police on a criminal matter, she became an SPCA rescue agent. Taking abused animals home became her norm. One phone call changed the life of a horse. This is an excerpt from her book, "All Nature Speaks."

Then there was Mr. Majesty, the racehorse that Ronnie and Pete were going to sell for meat. Ronnie met Mike and convinced him to take Mr. Majesty. Before Mike could finish the deal, he agreed to let me call Nancy. We spoke on the phone, and Nancy said to look at his kidneys. It was found that Mr. Majesty had a serious kidney infection so he couldn’t do anything. There were no overt symptoms, and the several veterinarians called in to look at Mr. Majesty had not considered a serious infection. After treatment, he went on to win a handicap series at Penn National.

Working in person, over the phone, and sometimes through photos, she has helped pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge to bring messages to their loved ones, speaking the universal language of love with pets to assist in their lives, finding missing and abducted pets, and more. In the presence of Veterinarians, she accurately describes the condition she sees using her medical intuitive skills.