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The following is a list of potential questions for you to ask Nancy during an interview:

How did you get started working with the police?

What kind of cases have you worked on?

You left the profession of nursing early in your career. What prompted you to do work as a psychic?

The cases you report on in your book The Life Of A Psychic Detective are old cases. Why don’t you write about those you are working on now?

What techniques for finding missing items can you share with my audience and how can it help them?

What about all the missing people and pets? Can my audience find some way to make a difference?

Lots of people believe they talk with their pets. How is what you do any different?

Can anyone do this work? If not why not? If yes how do they get started?

How do you deal with skeptics?

The documentaries on your work include some of the detectives. Was it difficult for them to work with you? Did you need to overcome their skepticism?

You mention that there are ways to help people shield themselves from negative people. Can you share some techniques?

Can you help my audience learn the difference between their fears and their imagination?