Psychic detective, psychic, medium, animal communicator; Nancy strongly believes we are all capable of bringing light into the world and developing whatever skills and talents we have a passion for. DaVinci once said, “everything is connected to everything.” I was also taught that a juggler starts with one spinning dish, gets it spinning well before starting with the next, setting the rhythm for success.

Helping others discover their hidden skills and talents prompted her to write the new book “The Life Of A Psychic Detective.” In her classes as in her book, she weaves true stories with the practical application of psychic abilities that are effective for our daily lives. Signed copies are available here.

With online classes, mentoring, and in-person workshops and readings, she combines her background as a nurse with many studies in the holistic field demonstrating to those wanting to empower their own paths that there are many roads in self-healing, many roads to peace.

Knowing it is difficult to keep foremost in our knowing that we are spirit born into form, Nancy enjoys stretching into creative realms to help others discover their own unique ways of keeping their feet on the ground with wings wide open.

September 29th (see in Milford Pa, Nancy is one of four psychics on a panel. For information on her book, please go here.

Life of a Psychic Detective Testimonial

"I can highly recommend "The life of a Psychic Detective" by Nancy Orlen Weber.
It's is a must have! A treat for your brain and bookshelf!
It is an amazing well written book, easy to read and understand! The true stories from a her life journey as a consultant working for police forces with the help of the spirit world, are nothing short of incredible! Getting to help put away the bad guys, and at the same time help heal the victims families, is something the rest of us can only dream of."

- Susanne Rye -