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The Journey Is The Goal

What would I have done without the nursing school education? When I went to Brooklyn College School of Nursing I had no idea that the biggest lesson would not be about health, it would be about sticking to a promise to get things done. From crash carts, to stat orders, code blue, and a starched uniform daily, I learned that you don’t leave anything half done.

Do you think you are scattered? Overwhelmed? Imagine juggling plates on sticks. You don’t start with all nine plates. You start with one. For me, the way to juggle is to put on mental blinders and pick one and only one idea. If I’m looking to clean a room I don’t stare at all the mess. I stare at one corner, one small space. Everything else is blurred by zooming in on that one space. The same goes for everything I want to accomplish. It takes practice not to be distracted. Here are a few things I use to help.

I work better in less chaos. I might spend five to ten minutes straightening up an area so it feels calmer.
I put on a diffuser and use either blend like Inspiration, Highest Potential or Awaken to support the ability to focus. (Young Living proprietary blends).
Music is low in the background. I’m used to using music and essential oils to support the interaction of both hemispheres of my brain. The music can be found on youtube as bi-hemispheric, Hemi-synch, or SuperLearning Baroque. I have created some based on the SuperLearning music. Permission was granted from the authors. It is at
I drink water and avoid food while working.

When it comes to social media I can easily be overwhelmed. I can end up not posting for weeks. A week ago I decided on a new journey with social media. I wrote down what mattered in getting it done.

Write 3 blogs a week and send them to Facebook and Instagram.
Look for drawings and images that create a spiritual message (I have lots of scattered writings. Rather than first collecting them and stalling out on actually creating something, I leave the collecting to a time when it is snowing, have already completed enough that I am satisfied, and look forward to getting all the scraps of writing together in DropBox.

I put in my Calendar every day my “jobs”. If I cannot get to something I am kind to myself knowing that life can bring spontaneous changes that matter.

Trust your own inner guidance to support your desire to have a journey that is low stress and high in eagerness to create moments that keep you interested in your own life.


  1. Linda on February 20, 2022 at 1:33 pm

    I have always thought of myself as a person that “gets things done.” I appreciate your thoughts because I had helped my parents for several years before my Mom passed in 2020, but not from Covid. There was a lot of drama involved. Since then, I have lost motivation. I have a hard time pulling myself into projects. Slowly, I am making it through small projects and I hope trying your suggestions will help. The grief is not as overwhelming but I have my moments. Thank you.

  2. Mary on March 11, 2022 at 10:44 am

    Nancy, thank you for this blog post, it has been inspiring to me, the parts about cleaning the room and diffusing oils , listen to music❤🙏 ❤🌞
    Thank you,
    Your Young Living oil friend❤🙏❤🌞

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