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Rev. Nancy Orlen Weber, R.N., has had companion animals including rescues, ran a shelter one summer, became a Morris County SPCA agent and through the criminal cases, she worked on, fostered abused animals. For the last thirty years, she has helped wildlife and pets in several states.

All Nature Speaks is the story of her own remarkable life, particularly her ability to communicate with, and heal, animals and plants. She has been called to do this work for years. Though it would sound daunting to most of us, the author explains how it works, and gives specific advice on how to try it ourselves. All Nature is linked, speaks a common language, and we are capable of using it too if we just trust ourselves and try it without fear or resistance.

The book contains many impressive accounts of how the author located lost animals, healed animals based on their telling her what was wrong, conversed with horses and flies and fish and houseplants, and solved crimes.

Signed copies are available here.

All Nature Heals Testimonials

"Just finished reading this chapter (Horses Are My Teachers). My eyes are leaking and my heart is full. I want to hug you, run to my barn, and hug my horses and cats with my dog, Grayson at my heels.

- Susan Albright, DVM -

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