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Connecting Soul To Soul With Police Psychic Nancy Orlen Weber

Have you been having a medical condition that cannot be answered?

If so, Nancy Orlen Weber might be able to help you find answers. Nancy is a Nurse, Minister, medical intuitive, animal communicator, holistic lifestyle educator, certified clinical aromatherapist, and psychic detective.

She has been featured on multiple Dateline episodes where she has successfully helped the police find many missing people, given information to law enforcement that directly contributed to them stopping a serial killer, and assisted in hundreds of cold cases. Nancy has also been featured on Nancy Grace for her amazing work as a police psychic. Nancy is also a very talented healer. I am excited to have her on my show because she is one of a kind and excellent in what she does.

During the interview, we will discuss her medical intuitive skills plus how she is a psychic detective. Join us to learn even more about Nancy Orlen Weber.

For more information about Nancy:

The cathartic revelation that all of life is connected dawned when Nancy Orlen Weber sought to bring normalcy to her life as a shy little girl who was ostracized by her family for “knowing secrets”.

Nurse, Minister, medical intuitive, animal communicator, holistic lifestyle educator, certified clinical aromatherapist, psychic detective, and classes on our sacred soul powers weave together as the tapestry of her life.

Nancy Orlen Weber is the author of two books, The Life Of A Psychic Detective and All Nature Speaks, Conversations with Pets & Wildlife. She helps people discover their own innate connection with all of life through her writings, workshops, and private sessions.

She is also good at finding anything: missing items… and even Finding three missing children.

Nancy resides with her husband in New Jersey and has five children and twelve grandchildren. She enjoys creating pen and ink drawings plus crocheting and donating winter scarves and hats, believing that the fabric of life is woven with love for all.

She speaks as a practical soul, loving to spread her wings wide with her feet on the ground and helping others do the same.

What inspired you to pursue this calling?

Finding strength through traumatic events led to stretching into.

One inspiring story you can talk to readers about.

Having been completely paralyzed forced me to synthesize practical ideas with creative visualization to walk again.

Do you have a message about the importance of healing that you would like to share with our listeners?

I’ve been in the environmental movement since the 1960’s. Healing is first about ourselves, and our history, to find a way to convert memories of trauma into spiritual growth. It is also about helping the planet.

What is your tip for living a happy and fulfilling life?

It is easy to say it’s an inside job, not so easy to do in a world consumed with “stuff”. For me, it is self-care and the love of helping others. To give and to receive with open joy.

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