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3d Illustration Concept Of Human Digestive System Stomach With S

Did you ever wonder ✨✨… how can I support my family’s digestion?

Here are two that get crazy testimonies of seeing immediate results and changes, and two you’ll definitely want to add into your cabinet of wellness… Digize essential oil blend and ICP daily.

Digize: Combines Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Lemongrass, Anise and Patchouli. I do not leave home without this oil! Ready for a tip that might seem like TMI?!? Place a drop of Digize into the area when you are having trouble going, you might have relief 😅… place a drop and rub around your bellybutton when you are going too much or feel bloated… instant relief 😅 For quick support, add a few drops in a capsule and take it internally. DiGize Vitality if for internal use. DiGize in a regular bottle is for topical use. The reason for the different bottles (not necessarily different products), is that products containing essential oils fall into either the food industry regulation or the personal care products which are not regulated. For that reason and only that reason, Young Living can remain compliant with all legal standards.

ICP Daily: an entirely plant-based soluble drink that supports our gut health. ICP daily, which tastes like a fruit drink, contains 6 grams of prebiotics and 5 grams of soluble fiber that our bodies need for a healthy and happy gut. ICP daily is gentle on your stomach and when taken daily can help maintain regular digestion thus, regular 💩! I love using it in the AM. Thank goodness I find it delicious.

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