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Rescue Dog Stops Burglars

Note: My daughter, son, and I were returning home. I had a vision of a robbery in our home while we were out. Excerpt from “The Life Of A Psychic Detective”, one of two times Ramona helped solve a crime. I walked through the living room into the hall and stopped. To the left my…

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Missing Children, Adults & Pets

What do you do when you see or hear of some thing that is missing?  Unless you are in law enforcement, or the family of the missing being, I do not respond. At you can see how impossible the task is to, “just find….”. With over a dozen requests daily, for anything ranging from missing…

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The Shaggy Dog

Several encounters with pain-ridden, frightened, angry animals have taught me that coming from the heart not only makes it safe, it can also create miracles. One of them was a shaggy dog. Meeting my girlfriend to go out for lunch, she asked if I would mind helping a friend of hers. “Her dog has a…

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One Beautiful Moment

Peacock with its feathers spread out with blues and greens

Scottie, our precious grand-daughter, was seven and we were taking her to a zoo in Richmond, Virginia, on one of our visits. Scottie and I had a running argument. She thought I was silly believing that animals talk, and I thought she needed help to understand what I meant. We had just finished petting a…

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The Other Side

On a recent reading of a deceased older sister (her “baby” sister wanted the connection) a beautiful moment occurred that brought tears to my heart and eyes. We both feel strongly her sister’s death was a homicide. Her sister came through and after discussing details of both her life and death, she mentioned that she…

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A Door Opens

As 2019 has drawn to a close I think of what I need to release. Nature abhors a vacuum so what would I like to fill the void I would be creating? When necessity forced me to close the door to my nursing career (disabled), I remembered Helen Keller’s words: “When one door of happiness…

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