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Are You Psychic? 

I’ve heard other psychics and I’m also saying to you that everyone is psychic. Why would anyone who uses these gifts say that? Personally, I believe we need to settle what that word means. Here are some things I’ve been asked:

  • Are you a medium?
  • Are you a clairvoyant or???
  • Can you astral project?
  • Can you see my aura?
  • Can you……………?????

My usual answer is yes with exceptions. Some of the exceptions are simple. If someone from the other side does not want to talk with me or I’m not emotionally clear enough in that moment to be centered then very little can happen. Sometimes it is simply not the right moment in my life to do that work. Or my soul tells me not to participate. I’ve learned to respect the subtle language of soul and shut my need of approval off in order to serve both myself and those I serve.

Different needs on the part of both myself and others will change our interactions. Pressure of any sort can shut it down.

Depending on what your heritage is – country of origin, religious beliefs, philosophies including the lessons learned early in life about reality can determine whether we notice the inner world or screen it out.  That does not mean it is not occurring. Everyone, that includes all species, are subject to the flow of energy. Call it whatever you want, it is always there. When we slow down to notice what is showing in our minds (thoughts, images, words, ideas) and respect them without judgement we can use them to discover how connected we are to all of life. We all are psychic because we are all connected. It’s at what level we wish to be connected. Here’s some ideas if you need to have a bit of a structure to begin or to check out your own gifts.

Choose some method of centering when looking within. Centering has been done long before words were written on paper. Everyone gets the need to deep breath and quiet down. It’s more about how to do that and not judge yourself. “I can’t”, “I tried” and “who has time” are ways to stop yourself. Begin by taking 3 deep breaths everywhere you have to wait: stop signs, phone call business menu, offices and more.

Here’s a thought for those who are afraid of what you may encounter in your mind. It’s not you! It’s an electromagnetic field of patterns picked up through generations, in utero, and so on. Can it change? Of course it can, it isn’t who you are, remember that.

You can discover that your soul, your spirit is so much more than the everyday routine thoughts. You are vibrant and rich with depth. You simply need to encounter it yourself.

For more ideas please think of getting my book “The Life Of A Psychic Detective”. The spiritual exercises after each chapter help you keep aware of your own beautiful spirit.

Once you purchase it I’ll send you a link for my author group where I offer more ideas and lessons.


  1. Teresa Barnes on October 20, 2021 at 8:20 pm

    I need help i have had a lot of tragedy in my life. The Law do nothing I feel they over look a lot of stuff. I need a peace of mind and justice. I can be reached at 407-484-3802

  2. Linda Merkich on December 10, 2021 at 1:59 pm

    Dear Nancy Weber,

    I am 62 years old and did not realize I’m an empath until I was literally in my 50’s. I pick up on both people and animal emotions. Especially animals. I was called an animal whisperer when I was young however like yourself, I thought everyone was the same. I am still trying to learn how to ground myself as others energy can literally make me physically ill as well as energy from animals who are hurt or stressed. I’m afraid to further develop my so called gift as I don’t have any protection against powerful energies. And, go figure, I have a 501C3 animal rescue which leaves me extremely stressed as well. Any suggestions on how to ground myself? God Bless you and your family.

    Linda Merkich

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