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Soul Light News Volume #1

Gathering Friendship

Like minded friends create and gather energy. The share fun, difficulties, private matters and more. Who do you turn to?

What’s a deep breath? Who cares? Everyone needs to care about taking deep breaths. It’s the pivotal turning point for living well or…well, not living to whatever extent we deprive ourselves.

Decades ago I was struggling in all ways except the love I had for my children. Pain racked my body and mind, I was tight as a drum. Financially – nada. I don’t mean there was savings hidden or insurance. I mean nada.

My first step and most important was to lie down for about ten minutes a day and practice deep breathing.

Within days I realized I felt a little lighter, creativity started mulling around my mind. Over months there were many positive changes including being able to focus on the present moment.

Take a deep belly breath. If you don’t know how:

1. Lay down and have a heavy book lay on your abdomen.

2. Take breaths deep enough to attempt to push the book upwards. Do that for 3 deep breaths,
then relax.

3. Eyes closed continue to do intermittent 3 deep breaths, then your normal breathing.

4. You can set your clock on no more than 10 minutes to start. Suggestions:

In today’s world I use Young Living Essential Oils to quicken, amplify and support everything I am. Here are the ones I use support deep delicious breaths. You can look at 0r .net for more information.

Breath Again Roll On over chest, and a drop smeared in my palms, cup hands to face and breath in. I apply it before centering, take on a plane to apply (cabin air = yuk) and when I walk uphill (past injuries can make it difficult).

Present Time – best Essential Oil Blend to keep me in the moments.

Awaken – on my temples and extremely light touch of one drop on the occipital ridge (bottom of skull).

At a stop sign or red light, deep breath.

Waiting for the voice menu to let you hear a real human…deep breath.

Upset? Deep breath.

First lesson and probably the most important one I can pass along to anyone wanting to grow their

life well is take many DEEP BREATHS.

In the Infinite Light of Love.

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