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More  Music/ Meditation Gifts For Everyone

The links for the  World Within music/meditation and  Awakening music are below – I hope you get to try it at least once.

It was 1976 when a man came to my home asking me to create an audio tape for his dying wife. She wanted to be off morphine and let go of this earth with a clear mind. He would pick it up as soon as possible, “tomorrow?”

While I had not done this before I could not say no to the request. When he left I sat and recorded an idea I used in class and for myself. I titled it “The World Within”.  The next day he gratefully picked up the audio tape. About two weeks later he came back to thank me. His wife passed peacefully a few days before. He wanted me to know the audio tape was able to help her get off the morphine within a couple of days. He noticed her pain was not as severe so she did not require the drug.  That’s how powerful deep breathing and relaxation is for all of us.

Having someone anchor us when we are scared can create an oasis of calm in what had been a storm.  Three years later Sheila Ostrander and Lynne Schroeder and I became friends and they gave me permission to use the concepts for music that came from the research by Grogi Lazonov in Bulgaria. It was first published in their book “Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain.” The details are in their book “SuperLearning 2000.”

From that meeting I felt the World Within would be enhanced with the music. the 4/4, 60 beats per minute music is what I’ve used for all the pieces here.  Awakening is simply another SuperLearning piece to play in the background. Both can help us stay in both hemispheres of our brain.

If you use it I suggest you also write about whatever occurs. The more senses involved when focusing on helping ourselves the better the outcome.

For those of you who use essential oils think of using either Surrender or Awaken (Young Living) by placing a small drop gently rubbed on your temples then breathing in the remainder from your hands for 30 seconds.


World Within Music


Awakening Music


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