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I’ve been teaching classes on a variety of subjects for over forty year. The Divine Spark Within is a new class expanding from one I taught for years entitled Sacred Powers. I believe that we all possess the life force that comes from the Creator (we all have different names, thoughts and ideas about what and who that is). The spark is our love of all the gifts bestowed on our lives.

This class is given in person and a separate one given online.

The Divine Spark Within

What is The Divine Spark Within class about?

Spiritual practices include how to improve our creative visualization and achieve our goals.

Empowering trust within ourselves to hear our souls guidance.

The soul is imparting the wisdom of the universe through our psychic senses. For psychic sensing exercises please bring a photo in an envelope of someone you know well enough to give feedback. (The photo may be of someone living or deceased, human or a pet.)

Workshop includes a handbook, the use of essential oils (you are not required to use them), music and lots of experiential activities.

The class ranges from a two-hour class to a two day weekend. Once a year I do a two-day weekend class. Usually held in August or October. The two-day workshop includes past life regression, aura readings and more.

For the online version I send a pdf and for those who are not familiar with essential oils I can either send them small bottles for the event (slight charge), or they simply don’t anoint themselves during the class. For information on why I use these in my practice please look at the “Frequency, Intuition and Essential Oils” pdf.

You can add a request to be notified of dates through the Contact Us link.

If you want to host a one or two day “The Divine Spark Within” please contact my office either through emailing with the Subject: Hosting the Divine Spark

Past Lives, Present Life

What we bring forward and what we leave behind changes our lives

Join me in an exploration of our soul's encounters of many lifetimes.

Here are two events in my life that had me taking past lives seriously.

First event:

I had a recurrent dream at ages ten through eleven. In the dream, I was a seventeen-year-old French girl living on a large estate. I worked in the making of breads in one of the kitchens alongside my teachers on how to make all kinds of bread. I had a limp, my left leg didn’t work right.

One day after many of these repeated dreams of baking breads I told my mother I wanted to go to the grocery store (1950’s) and get some things to make bread. I insisted. She relented. I went. My mother did not bake, nor did she cook much. It was TV dinners (for those who know what that means) and simple meals. She did not like to cook and baking was off the list entirely.

I followed my dream teachers instructions creating a dough, rising, kneading, and all else. I stuck it in the over and then went looking outside for the one brick that was sitting on a stoop of our house not being used. I took it in and put it in the over. Sprayed it with water. My mother wanted to know why. “We don’t have a brick oven.” That was my answer. Then when the bread came out I opened the window and put it on the ledge. Again I was asked what I was doing. “Cracking the crust.”  It was delicious.

Since then, when my children were young I would buy grain from a grist mill, grind it myself, use baker’s steel molds for all kinds of bread.

That isn’t the end.

My son was about two years of age sitting on the potty when he called out to me to “get me my magazine”. (He was a very advanced reader - it was a Mother Jones magazine of mine).

“Say please”.

“When you worked for, you know in France, you got me what I asked for.”

“Now I’m your mother and you say please.”

That began my excursion into what if it is true?

Around the same time, I was introduced to past life regression by a dear friend Betty Weiss who lived in Woodstock. I had taught many workshops in her home and we had become very close. She was returning from a weekend in Connecticut taking a past life therapy class with Benjamin Bibbs.

“Ready to let me do this with you,” Betty asked.

“Sure” I replied.

I wasn’t quite with it thinking I’ve got a great imagination when I began seeing the following film complete with my emotional response.

I was a young Romanian gypsy whose mother taught me to read cards (the 52 deck kind). I was in a circus and my best friend was a dwarf. I was walking with her to her tent. She entered her tent and I started to walk to mine when the lion tamer approached me and held out his hand telling me to read him. His eyes were dark and menacing. I said no and started to walk, he grabbed me, raped me and choked me to death.

Isn’t that a lovely first past life regression!? Yikes. I had thought it would be something far gentler and not so detailed. I shook it off.

Several months later a friend who is a very talented artist (Susan Obrant) and quite psychic was visiting. I had a dozen of polaroid pictures on a coffee table sorting them out. Suddenly Susan leaned over and picked up a photo with about twenty people on it. She was pointing at one person.

“Who is this? He was a lion tamer in a past life. Horrible, he killed you!”

I sat stunned. She had never met my first husband, the now deceased Dr. Gilbert Arnold Preston. He was an extremely brilliant and accomplished physician. When I was five months pregnant he beat and strangled me. I almost lost my child and after her birth four months later I almost died. I was left permanently disabled. My left leg and the sciatic nerve were injured. The nerve died. I limp on my left leg.

Now not all past lives are that extreme an encounter, nor are they that difficult. I’ve had others that were about strengths, joy, and love of animals. I give you these two as an explanation of what it took for me to be interested and seek to do and know more.

Classes on Essential Oils

I believe in self-help tools. In helping myself and my family I studies herbs, nutrition, environmental influences, Applied Kinesiology, music for the brain, neuroscience (not the easiest subject, however, one of the most fascinating), crystals, meditation, creative visualization, light therapy and more. In October 2003 I joined Young Living and attended a three-day conference and Raindrop training with D. Gary Young (recently deceased). That journey into learning will never stop. The essential oils have become my go-to for just about everything. It is why I easily share and educate on the subject.

These classes are mainly in person in NJ and Florida and online.

Classes are on a variety of topics, some are:

  • Introduction to Essential Oils 101
  • Special Needs (of all ages and types)
  • Communicating With Our Scentsational Pets (forthcoming book of that title due out 2019)
  • Throughout the seasons using essential oils for optimal well being

And so much more.

Certification classes for aromatherapy training and an ordination course for those lay practitioners in states where touch and energy healing require specific licenses.

At you can read more in detail. Lightwing Center is a church which is not about any specific religion. It is to assist those on a mission to serve all through a holistic lifestyle. We (my husband and I) are the Co-Trustees and while I instruct I also hold instructorship training.

I use these precious gifts of the earth daily in my gratitude prayer; when I’m finding it difficult to quiet down; needing some mental and emotional support; helping everyone who desires to feel more in control of their own well being and to enjoy more of a holistic lifestyle.

While I am a psychic, medium, psychic detective, animal communicator, writer, artist, songwriter, etc., threaded through all this are the words of a man I believe understood far more than I do.

He also stated in a letter in response to being asked how he could possibly do so much, he said (paraphrasing) I simply focus the light in a direction.

While I’m far from being so gifted, I believe he knew what he was talking about. We all can find far more gifts than we realize by firmly believing that all is connected to all (whether we like it or not - rise above!). We cast aside our insecurities while seeking deep within our soul and exploring the world within.

Some of my favorite authors for seeking within:

Marianne Williamson

John Holland

Suzanne Giesemann

Dr. Ian Stevenson - in the 1970’s I started doing and teach Past Life Regression. Dr. Stevenson wrote the definitive book on past lives: “Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation”

And so much more.

Who are your favorites?