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What Would Love Do?

Back in 2003 a good friend who knew how severe my spinal injuries were and how incapacitated I could be (since 1969) she decided to follow her heart and introduce me to Young Living essential oil company. My girlfriend, Sue has always be careful never to intrude or push anyone and here she was on the phone “It will only take 20 minutes and I can come over.” I was used to saying no to squeezing time when feeling overwhelmed. Sound familiar? Luckily I could not say no to her. Both of us thought alike. We asked ourselves what would love do and we did it. Whenever you have a question about how to respond to a situation ask yourself “What would love do?” and … do that.

After applying a few, unknown to me at the time essential oils, I stood up looked at her and said “Who, what, when, where and HOW? How is this possible, I feel better than I could ever remember.”

Flash forward and today I can happily say I’m addicted to Young Living essential oils, they are now my household cleaner, my toothpaste has them, you name it, I’ve got oils that are part of my everyday world to use. For me it’s simple. The world is filled with toxins, in the US there is over 100,000 petrochemicals in use!!! Stop, think about what that means. Almost all other countries have less than 25,000 in use, the rest is banned as far too toxic. Our countries policy on the word organic is funny. Lobbying gets to influence so the word on any label that says organic isn’t necessarily true. A small portion of the product can be organic and it is compliant!

That’s one reason I stick to the real stuff, the best I can find. The other is simply that as someone who is a survivor of many crimes and works with crime cases for decades, and loves to love rather than fear, these precious “God in a Bottle” according to Dr. Wayne Dyer, essential oils, help lift my spirit, raise my frequency and help me have the gentlest deepest sleep every night. I am an oilaholic and love it.

Curious? Simply send a request to to learn more and I’ll help.

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