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The E And K Investigations Group

Co-Founder and Partner, the E and K Investigations Group, LLC
Founder and President, English Investigations, Inc

Ross English is credited with 25 years of law enforcement in New Jersey and 12 years of Criminal Defense Investigations in North Carolina and then becoming a Partner of the E and K Investigations Group, LLC.

Prior to becoming a partner of the E and K Investigations Group, Mr. English retired after 25 years from the Mt. Olive Township Police Department in New Jersey as a Detective Lieutenant in command of the department’s detective bureau.

Ross English writes:

I first met Nancy in 1980 when one of my female police officers introduced her to me when I had reached a dead end on a rape murder case. The victim was found floating in the local lake and the cause of death was drowning and an injury to the head. Nancy was able to describe the suspected crime scene and basically what took place and the physical features of our suspect. That information was locked in my desk for almost a year in a file at the police station. I followed up on the information received and re-interviewed the suspect and was able to get a confession.

Nancy continued to work with me on several more cases after that. One was a burglary at her home where a rifle and other items were taken. She was able to point out where I could find a latent print left by a perpetrator which I developed and lifted. She was also able to describe 2 juveniles, where they lived and where they hid the rifle. I investigated further, obtained a search warrant and found the gun. I arrested the 2 juveniles who confessed.

On another case I needed help to find an officer in my Police department who was suspected of wrong doing. I was the Internal Affairs Officer at the time. After showing her every photograph of every police officer she chose one. She could not tell me if that officer was responsible for the specific thing I was looking into but did tell me he was “ruthless, dangerous and responsible for other wrong doings”. Within 2 years an investigation conducted by myself, County, State and Federal authorities netted the police officer with over 100 indictments.

Another case that stood out in my mind was the murder of a police officer. Other police investigators and myself were working on the case and I called Nancy for her input. After speaking to her she described a farm house across the state line and some vehicles. The other officers would not listen to her and her information was scrapped. Months later it was discovered that the perpetrators had been staying in a farm house across the state line using it as a Safe House where they eventually moved on.

There were other numerous cases which I feel were worthy of her assistance and are memorialized in my mind. In 1989 I retired from my Police Department and migrated to North Carolina. Nancy visited me in 1993 and helped me through a bout of prostate cancer. In addition I was a criminal investigator for the North Carolina Public Defenders Office at that time and she assisted me on a murder case where I knew the defendant was not guilty. She was able to go to the crime scene, describe evidence and pick out the suspect from a photo line-up. Subsequently the suspect was arrested in south Carolina for another murder and is doing a life sentence awaiting trial in the North Carolina murder.

Nancy and I have kept in touch over the years and consult from time to time over the telephone.