One Past Life

Do you believe you lived before? Or do you wonder if you have? Maybe you question what you believe, I know I have and sometimes still do. It has led to more questions, more wondering what it actually means.

It was 1977 and a dear friend, Betty Weiss was visiting. Betty had just taken a Past Life Regression course with Benjamin Bibbs and was excited to try it out. I was the guinea pig. As my mind wandered around the thoughts were “this is nothing”, then suddenly I was in a movie, or rather this 17 year old Romanian girl was. I could feel what she was going through as she walked her friend, a young dwarf back to a tent. I “knew” she was a gypsy, her mother taught her to read cards for a living and they were in a traveling circus. As she left the tent the lion tamer stuck out his palm and demanded she read him. She refused, I could feel her intense dislike for him. He grabbed her, raped her and choked her to death.

I opened my eyes thinking I have a great imagination, not necessarily a pretty one.  About two years later another good friend, artist extraodinaire, Susan Obrant was visiting. I had laid out a bunch of polaroids to create an album. Among the dozens there was a shot of my daughter’s third birthday party with about twenty adults and children in the picture.  Susan picked up that photo and exclaimed as she pointed to my ex-husband Gil, one of the men in the photo: “Who is he? I see him in another lifetime strangling you!”  She had never seen nor met my ex. She did not know that in this lifetime I divorced him when he tried to kill me by choking me. I was five months pregnant and knew I would die if I didn’t do something, I went totally loose and dropped down when he let go thinking he had killed me. I faked it for about 10 minutes lying there. When I stood up and went into the next room where he was calmly drinking water I was not the old accepting me. “I’d suggest you never sleep again, you touch me and there will be a knife in your heart.” That leaped out of my mouth with such fury and hurt that I was amazed at a part of me I was being introduced to!

I told Susan who it was and not only did he try it this lifetime, I had already experienced him doing that in a past life, only I had not put it together that they were the same person.  A part of me wondered if this was my vivid imagination that put that past life scene together to distance myself from the pain of this lifetime’s happening. A few years later another piece fell into place.

Moving to New Jersey from Westchester County, New York I sought out health food stores, food coops and metaphysical stores. One store, Audrey’s Inner Vision drew my attention. Audrey, homeopath, herbalist and more had an array of beautiful crystals, books and more. There I spotted beautiful watercolor cards with uplifting sayings. I turned one over and there was the artists’ name and phone number, she was local. I bought a few cards, went home and called her.

“Julie Bond? My name is Nancy Weber and I just bought a few of your cards. I love them. Can I buy a lot more from you?”

“Is this the Nancy Weber who teaches meditation and spiritual development?”


“Do you have classes and can I join them?”

A woman 3’8” tall walked into my class with a box of cards. We became instant friends and have remained so for over twenty years. She met her husband in our home. We’ve had many talks. She wrote a book with Dr. Wayne Dyer writing a comment on the cover and when he was touring she came on stage to be introduced to the world. Her book is “Nothing Short of Joy.”  Yes, she is a dwarf and yes I was in shock because now I knew why I was so drawn to her art work. You can see some of them by Julie Bond Genovese at .

Do I believe in past lives? Yes and no. Yes I believe that my soul has lived many lifetimes. No I don’t believe it was me, rather a greater over viewer of life, choosing what lessons, what paths to tread.  Like genetics and epigenetics of centuries ago, we all come with a warehouse of knowledge, lessons learned, more to go. I do believe we are all unique – each lifetime!

“Nothing Short of Joy is a masterpiece that will take you out of your comfort zone and into a magical world of joy. I love this book. I love this woman. Read it and reap.” -Dr. Wayne Dyer, Author, Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life

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