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Metaphysical Threads

On Rosh Hashanah we ponder, as we do on January 1st of a new year, the Chinese New Year and any other new year, the meaning of commitment to new moments, peace and taking time to go within to enter into the world with more and more love.

It brought back the thread of traveling through life with a “living bible” entering every so often to cleanse my mind and fill it with the spirit of love.

“The Man” was by my side since I could stand in my crib. When I wondered (age 1 1/2), “what’s that inside that ladies belly.” I “heard” him say “that’s a baby growing.”

I pointed to my mother’s friends belly and out loud said “baby.”

Friend of my mother: “How does she know, I just found out this morning.”

I never questioned who The Man was until he left when I was around 14 years old.

He came back to me when I was 31. He said he was Ezekiel. He pronounced it Ehzechiel (hard to write as I heard it). He was the first to visit after my awakening (another time for that). The journey, filled with guidance from Elijah, Miikhaael and 3 appearances of light filling a room (all present saw the light) and apparently only I heard the voice speak and saw a vision of a being.

“You have 3 years to prepare. I will send people to you, then send you out into the world.”

“Fill your cup with love and your life will be overflowing with purpose.”

Those were some of the statements issued from the Light.

One of the lessons shared with me was not to idolize those who came to teach. Each one had their moments of questioning, fears, doubts, sometimes indigestion (yes they emphasized it to point out while on earth we are all human) and more.

My dear friend Adele Lederman transcribed 3 years of Ezekiel speaking through me and I am first beginning to reopen that chapter of my life and explore it from the view my soul now holds of life.

I have never before thanked them out loud with anyone else possibly noticing.

I have done so.

What are you uncomfortable about sharing that is actually simply an unusual and maybe even uplifting event?


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