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Blessed Moments

It was the mid 1970’s and in one night my life awakened to a mission to step forth with my gifts.
In awe of what was occurring I took pen to paper and wrote down what my heart and spirit experienced.

One Moment, One Night

One simple night
started quiet
started my new life

I Saw a spirit
Light my life
Glorious golden being was he,

“For three years you will learn and teach,
then you will be sent out to the world.”

Filled with awe and wonder
If I had been alone I’d convince myself
Oh, it’s a dream
A friend sat beside me
“Who is that I see? He comes as pure light!”

Hope filled my heart
This cosmic holy being
Called me to task
Fulfilling childhood dreams
Of being one with all
Of serving with love
Touching the soul of even a leaf.

This Light of Love granted me new life,
The innocent heart in me grew to overcome
All the fears of the “what if” and “what was”.

Why me I asked?
“Why not you?” whispers my soul
And so I agreed
Reluctant and curious
Awed and thrilled
I became infinitely involved.

I am as you are,
A soul seeding the path.

May we all be blessed knowing we are
holy bouquets of LOVE.

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