Dick and I just came home from watching the movie “InterStellar”. There was a moment when Matthew McConeghy is watching a past event. Dick groaned and commented that the scene was silly.“As silly as me waiting for the limo to take me to the UN?”

And then I quietly revisited my 5th grade experience. Each day for about a week I refused to walk home with my friends. They would say “come on, what are you doing?”

I was standing on the corner by the school as I answered “I’m waiting for the limo to take me to the UN.” I meant it. After what seemed like hours (probably more like 10 minutes) I would start walking home. My teacher heard about it. She called my mother. She decided I was crazy. She didn’t talk with me about it, nor did my friends. Not until a few years later. By then I had many experiences of slipping out of time.

Flash forward from the 1950’s to about 1983. I was asked by a friend to participate in creating an event entitled “World Day” that was inspired by Jose Arguelles author of “Mandala”. It was to be hosted and run by a group of NGO’s at the UN. The meetings would be taking place at the UN. I went to the meeting, was assigned to be head of a committee and would report weekly at the UN along with the other committee heads. I found it to be a wonderful experience. By the third week my close friend, Phyllis said “I have a wonderful friend who wants to help. His name is Brian. He’ll be calling you.”
Brian called. Turned out he ran a limo company. He drove me to the UN every week  until the work was done. The first time he drove me as I stepped out of the limo and saw the flags of all the nations I was transported back to being that 5th grader. It was a moment that left me in a state of glorious love. Love of the Great Mystery. The Giver of Life had once more revealed to me that life is whatever this World Maker has decided it to be. Time is simply a part of the mystery.

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