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It was 1982 and I needed to find a way to cope with a heap of stress. I was looking to have fun that would be inexpensive and at the same time help me learn something new. Purposely choosing a change was always a relief from Murphy’s Law.  Having been on high alert for quite a while I knew it was important to stretch into spending time on something I would love to learn and have no other goal than to be like a child joyfully discovering something awesome.

Walking into Barnes & Noble I trusted that my soul would know what I needed. I ended up in the Art section and simply pulled out a book without looking at titles. The one I picked was “Drawing With The Right Side of The Brain” by Betty Edwards. Opening the first page Ms. Edwards thanked Dr. Ron Myerson for his split-brain work as part of a team with Nobel Prize winner Dr. Roger Sperry. That had me grinning. Dr. Myerson was the head of a laboratory later in his work in Puerto Rico. Eight doctors in the US taking a neurology residency were chosen to work with him on split-brain studies. My first husband was one of them... It is how I came to live on that beautiful island for two years.

This book felt like an answer from my soul. Gil was the ex-husband who spent two and half years attempting at first to kidnap, then when that didn’t work, sue for custody and take my daughter and move her across the country. I took the book home, bought a sketch pad and began my new journey into the world of art, far from my doodles and stick figures, far from the fears and pain.

The joy of no goal and the wonder of discovery had me drawing every night at 10 PM after the children were in bed and the clients all left.  I looked forward to this journey as I still do today. I’ve chosen some of my favorite pen & inks, along with those I scanned in then painted.

If you are stressed and too serious a life, look inward. Discover something that has no import other than you look forward to it. Even five minutes a day can center you.

I hope you enjoy these whimsical drawings/paintings of my inner world. I look forward to hearing any critique, criticisms, and ideas you have for your life.

Click Here for some Free Drawings you can print, color and create stories around them. We all have the innocent child within.


(You can click on an image to make it larger.)

(You can click on an image to make it larger.)