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The Shaggy Dog

Several encounters with pain-ridden, frightened, angry animals have taught me that coming from the heart not only makes it safe, it can also create miracles. One of them was a shaggy dog.

Meeting my girlfriend to go out for lunch, she asked if I would mind helping a friend of hers.

“Her dog has a problem. We pass their home on the way to the restaurant, so can we stop there?”

“Fine, just remember that I don’t want to know what the problem is.”

Pulling into her friend’s driveway, we saw her opening the door to her home. Out bounded this 100 or so pounds of shaggy fur. I was so happy to see this huge baby that I ran out to greet her or him (remember I only knew it was a dog).

I plopped onto the front lawn and she rolled on the grass exposing her belly for me to rub, we played for few minutes then happily collapsed together, dog in my lap, my face in her fur. All along I was conscious that despite her appearance she needed a very gentle touch.

There was absolute silence around us, finally, the woman who opened the door spoke.

“How did you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Get Jasmine to play?”

“What’s so hard?”

“Well, we needed your help because she attacks everyone but me!”

“She’s just afraid of how people handle her. She’s has a lot of joint pain. Hasn’t the vet talked with you?”

“Yes, in fact we were told she’s got arthritis.”

“Well, if your joints were as swollen and painful as hers, you’d be scared of being touched except by those who know how to touch you.”

The rest of the meeting was spent discussing ways to assist at home. Ditching all toxic cleaners both in the home and on the family to help unburden Jasmine’s body along with other natural tools would ease some of the body’s burden. Showing her how anyone can use a healing touch simply thinking of the energy going through us for another needs to be universal not personal. It comes through us, not from us. Think of a battery needing charging, we don’t use our own battery to charge another, we use something that connects between both – that’s universal!

When we left, Jasmine tried to join us. Knowing the restaurant would not accommodate her, we kissed good-bye and we both trotted off to our individual worlds.

Years later I was fortunate to find that the company I use to get my essential oils has great essential oil infused cleaners for home and personal use. I’ve been recommending them to pet owners ever since. Because our pets may have strong olfactory systems, synthetic fragrances or essential oils that are adulterated can do more harm than good. Ditching what can cause trouble and switching to nontoxic products supports everyone’s immune system. For me, that is the Young Living line of Thieves products. It is safe for all companion animals.

If you have a pet whether they need help or not, it is great when holding them or petting them to think that the energy that flows to all life is flowing through you to support your precious friend.

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