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Elizabeth Wallace

Animal Communicator

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Wallace. A little about myself ... Sharing my life with animals is the single greatest joy I have ever known. I was drawn to them from a very young age. I felt understood in their presence, free to be myself and let my guard down. It never felt odd, or strange, to me when I would somehow just know what they were thinking, or feeling. And it certainly felt normal that I could "hear" the animals when I would speak with them. Using telepathic communication to connect with animals, I create a comforting and supportive space, where I can facilitate an exchange of information between humans and animals. The information that is received can be very useful in the efforts to find missing or lost animals.

Anne Business Photo Original With Cheyenne

Anne Angelo Webb

Animal Communicator

Anne Angelo Webb has been communicating with animals professionally since she was a small child, and professionally for over a decade. She is nationally board certified in animal massage, and also supports animals and people to activate their own intrinsic ability to heal via energy work and through the power of prayer. Anne is passionate about sharing the power of essential oils with animals and people.


You can visit her website at