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On Being A Psychic Detective

I’ve been asked by many “can I do this too?” The short answer is yes, no, maybe. The next question is “how do get to work with the police.”

This is for those interested in doing this work as a business and anyone simply curious. I’ve rewritten a book “Psychic Detective, True Stories and Exercises For The Soul” that will be out by May 2018 as both a book and ebook. It contains clear and doable ideas to help anyone serve the world, even from your home quietly creating a strengthening of your intuition with focused intention.

Everyone who does the work are like snowflakes. No two alike. We come to it through different circumstances, we use tools such as photos, evidence, dowsing instruments, paper to write/draw, nothing other than ourselves, and probably other tools I know nothing about.

I believe if you don’t know someone in law enforcement who respects your abilities or simply respects your intelligence and caring, the doors to working with them can become very difficult to open. Or it can be as simple as mine were. My son was taking karate at age four in our new town, Budd Lake, NJ and the teacher was also a police officer. She had read in the local papers something about my psychic work and asked if I ever worked with the police. My response was “why do you want to know?” She mentioned a criminal event in town and I proceeded to open my mouth and report what I envisioned. That case closed with my help. It was my first official venture into being a psychic detective.



Can you do the work? Here are some things to mull over.

Can you stay completely centered, keeping your emotions in check until after the work despite the family that may be frantic, the scene that may be beyond gruesome, holding of an item that was once owned by a sweet gentle soul brutally murdered, and perhaps having the ability to relive the murder while noticing all the details?

Are you a team player? Or do you want to stand out? When working with members of law enforcement that are new to me here's what I tell them, "I don't want to know anything about the case until I ask. All I want is feedback if what I say makes any sense. I'm not it here, sometimes I get glimpses, feelings, information that may be useful, there is no guarantee. If you are comfortable with that let's work together."

That puts them at ease. I'm not in charge, and for the sake of my own spiritual growth, partners are so much better than bosses. Many of us appear to be made of ice when working. So do law enforcement officers in the midst of scary stuff, so do medical personnel while saving lives, firemen (and women), and all first responders. It takes a fierce focus on the need to serve to make this world a safer, kinder place.

When working I first explain why I may not show any empathy. Emotional involvement closes the door to that slide into another realm. If you have the passion to do this and you are already working as a psychic simply look around at any crime being reported. Note what you believe is true about it, follow the reports and see how you do. Practice and keep practicing. That usually helps create the magnet that suggests you are willing to do the work.

That magnet is noticed by those open to considering you for the “job”. I began mentoring other psychics years ago. It is amazing how many gifted, intelligent, thoughtful people find themselves using their gifts in spiritual service. I love working with them and watching them feel more empowered.

And as a result, I have lots more wonderful, caring friends whose compassion leads them down this path. Remember if you are interested and get the opportunity (an odd word for this work), you will be living the rest of your life knowing the images, feelings, and thoughts. It is why most of the people I worked with in law enforcement when they retired they golf or fish! May you find your gifts are a great blessing to you and to the world. “What we now want is closer contact and better understanding between individuals and communities all over the earth, and the elimination of egoism and pride which is always prone to plunge the world into primeval barbarism and strife…

Peace can only come as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment… - Nikola Tesla

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” -A. Einstein

Psychic Detective Television Shows

What does my entry into the usage of Young Living essential oils have to do with the 18 TV shows I’ve been on as a psychic detective?

Back in December 2003, I placed my monthly non-obligatory order for essential oils and more. Two oils I ordered were Abundance and Highest Potential.

Click here for Transformation Using Essential Oils Video

March 4th Thursday night was the first airing of Court TV’s Psychic Detective and I was on the second of the two shows that night. That was the first of many shows. Biography Channel, TLC, A & E (Mediums: We See Dead People), Nancy Grace Show, Paranormal Witness (PsyFy Channel), and film for Japan (I do not speak Japanese and since it only airs in Japan I don’t haven’t seen it) and others I’ve forgotten (sorry sometimes I’m simply going like all of us, from one thing to another).

Many important milestones occurred as a consequence. One outstanding occurrence was getting to know the crews. Some are so well prepared that they know the laws involved, the case and all the details and so much more. They are wonderfully team oriented so I fit right in. I love team work. The “talent” is not alone. The interviewer must have the ability to ferret out new information and insights. It’s also important that the interviewer, camera person, audio person, lighting person and whoever else is needed work in complete harmony and peacefully. Trust amongst the crew and the talent is super important. It will allow who the talent is to be able to show who they truly are. Documentaries can do that, “reality shows” don’t do that as much.

It’s funny, one company sends a thirty-five page contract (I redacted about thirty-four and a half pages - made sure they don’t own me. Another company would send one page since the talent gets paid by the day with no residuals. (Unless the talent wants to be owned for x amount of years).

The last documentary I took part in can be seen through by going to this link. There are copies on youtube. Since I do not own the rights I cannot give you those links (easy to find).

This particularly sad story of two young women killed by a serial killer does not end after the killer was caught. As we all know the families and friends and neighbors and more stay with the loss the rest of their lives. Behind the scenes of my participation ,some things have not been told - until now.

When I worked with Bill Hughes and Jimmy Moore I insisted that:

  1. “At least five towns called in the killers name, so why didn’t they get him yet?”
  2. “The investigating prosecutor is not doing the job, why?”
  3. “Lots of other women have been approached by the killer and were able to fortunately get away, why is no one talking?”
  4. “The Chief Prosecutor, Trumbell knows that something is wrong, Deirdre O’Brien was killed when all the information was already in. I don’t get it. He is known to the police. He was a troublemaker when a kid in school He’s known to a lot of the cops. His brother knows it’s probably him. He’s killed in Florida twice, one murder put him in prison, then he killed his cell mate. This guy absolutely knows.”

What I didn’t know was the Bill and Jimmy suspected the same thing however they could not confirm anything except years later when we were filming they confirmed one piece.  The three of us went on a lunch break. Jimmy told me that in his many years as Capt. of Homicide (he was now retired) he had never seen a task force operate like this one. The investigating prosecutor is supposed to sit at the table with all the task force, everyone sharing information - teamwork.

That didn’t happen. The investigator took one Captain he was friends with and went behind closed doors. He refused to share or hear anyone. Then other pieces fell into place for me.

The Mendham police office who ticketed Koedatich held onto the ticket for years so upset because he had called in to the investigator who brushed him off. I know that because Capt. Tom Costanza was the young officer I felt gave the ticket and during the airing of the shows he spoke with me sharing his heartache.

I hired Monica, a book-keeper, a few years after the first airing. One day she walked in saying “I didn’t know you worked on the Koedatich case.” She went on to tell me that she had been Joe O’Brien’s assistant. (He is Dierdre’s father). As a Freeholder in the county, he had a very close friend, Chief Prosecutor Trumbell. Trumbell revealed every detail to Joe.  Joe would have Monica keep all the records. He wanted to write a book, “No Time For Dierdre”. Then Joe decided instead to create the Deirdre O’Brien Child Advocacy Center in Morristown, NJ. That’s when Monica handed me a cardboard box about three inches in height. “What’s this?” I asked. The book that he told me he didn’t want to do. I asked him what he wanted me to do with it. He said, “whatever you want.”  That’s how I now have the proof that one man’s ego prevented good law enforcement officers from picking up James Koedatich  before he killed Dierdre O’Brien.

I’m hoping that by some miracle I can get to tell the whole truth. My greatest desire when it comes to crimes is to help prevent where possible. Where we cannot prevent things we can educate the public on how to become active participants when it is there family directly impacted by criminal acts. Crime Victim Advocates are in every state by law. They can help navigate people through this since ongoing investigations cannot reveal a lot. It’s more about the questions anyone needs to ask and to observe whether those assigned to the case seem to truly care.