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Psychic Detective Workshop

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Psychic Detective Live Zoom Classes

Nancy offers these as a series. A new series will be coming in early 2024. Check her calendar or sign up for Nancy's emails to receive notification.

All classes are held twice, one for those who can attend evening classes East Coast, US time zone, and early afternoon classes East Coast, US time zone.

Missing person cases and murder cases will be used in these classes.

The Fundamentals

  • Creating a foundation for working on the darker issues.
  • Learn the various ways you receive intuitive information.
  • Blending your practical and common sense with your intuitive abilities.
  • The ethics involved in communicating with those involved, living and deceased.
  • Shielding techniques that keep your frequency high.
  • Mind/body knowledge that supports clarity of intention and focus.
  • Recording all your findings supports your abilities.
  • Interpreting what you receive.
  • How important is the proof?
  • Working as a member of a team on missing persons and pets.
  • Working alone, in a group, with family associated with the case, and/or law enforcement.
  • One of the tools Nancy uses is essential oils. It is not mandatory for class. However, if you want the sample set to work, follow the PayPal link below for EOs. Sample set consists of Young Living blends of Clarity, Surrender, and Highest Potential. The single oils are Sacred Frankincense and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood.

Nancy Orlen Weber, the author of The Life Of A Psychic Detective, has worked on hundreds of criminal cases with law enforcement for over forty years. Renowned worldwide with thousands of clients and dozens of tv, radio, and podcast interviews and stories, with badges and sheriff's commendations, Nancy's mission is to help others discover their own abilities and hone their skills to empower their spiritual journey.

I would recommend the Psychic Detective Workshop with Nancy.

It opened so many new doors and helped me to understand about fear and unconditional love.That was a huge one for me.

Letting go of the trauma and finding the little one plus to keep going forward.

  - M.S

I took this class without knowing anything about what it was to become a psychic. The class was very good. But what I liked the most was that Nancy gave us the  confidence to trust ourselves. This class also helped me to connect with myself on a more spiritual level.
- JT