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One Beautiful Moment

Peacock with its feathers spread out with blues and greens

Peacock is spreading its tail

Scottie, our precious grand-daughter, was seven and we were taking her to a zoo in Richmond, Virginia, on one of our visits. Scottie and I had a running argument. She thought I was silly believing that animals talk, and I thought she needed help to understand what I meant. We had just finished petting a giraffe when she spotted a peacock. He was at the far end of the very large cage.

“Oh, I’ve never seen them with their feathers open”.

That was enough for grandma. I got her to agree to “send love” with me to the peacock. I followed my usual protocol inwardly saying “my soul greets your soul, you are a beautiful soul and I hope our company helps you cope with the home you are now living in. Would you be so kind as to demonstrate the beauty of your feathers?” Most importantly I could feel the love flowing to this beloved soul. Now, we had been in this small zoo for over an hour. Although Scottie had not noticed him before, I had. He had remained in the corner all the time.

Almost as soon as the message left my heart, the peacock turned around, walked over towards us, and graced us with his plumage fanned out as wide as he could. He repeated this several times. I could feel his being waiting to know if this was good. I kept sending him back messages of marvel at his being and wonder at his beauty. He then gracefully turned and walked back to his contemplating corner. One peacock made a believer out of one little girl. Go talk to a lot of different animals.

Stand in any being’s presence as if you are greeting Creation for of course, you are. Mind to mind, heart to heart, send blessings, and gratitude for the meeting. Notice each response. Some will be very aware and respond immediately, others will not pay you the slightest attention; some will play shy for a while and others will display fear or anger. Each being responds to the Light from his or her own state of being. Do not take anything personal, not even success. The more you practice, the quicker the centering, the easier the signals go out through you and to whomever you are focused upon. Be very careful at this stage. Focused power is leashed by ethics. Never send anger or fear. Keep them to yourself. It is reasonable to experience an array of emotions, it is not reasonable to wield them as a power against others or back on yourself. Fear can harm yourself as anyone knows. A wise nursing instructor once told me, “Place your negative emotions in a bag when you are entering into your work. Pick them up afterwards—if you still want them.”


  1. Mary Ball on January 13, 2022 at 7:40 am

    Beautiful just beautiful

  2. Nancy on February 17, 2022 at 9:51 pm

    I’ve started “talking” to my cats and dog in my head lately. As an empath (and a RN), I’ve always felt connected to animals but it hadn’t occurred to me to try communicating with them with my thoughts. Hearing your experience with this gives me the inspiration (and confidence) to continue with this and not feel like I’m just a nut.

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