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Medical Intuitive Workshop

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Live Zoom Classes

This is a 2-day workshop, Part 1 and Part 2. Each workshop is 2 hours.
All classes are held twice, one for those who can attend evening classes East Coast, US time zone, and early afternoon classes East Coast, US time zone.

Nancy Orlen Weber started her successful nursing career in 1961. Since 1975 she has instructed and helped thousands worldwide on holistic health, intuition, medical intuition, past lives, and more.

  • Learn to translate and interpret the universal language of energetic fields.
  • Honing your intuitive skills.
  • The art of interpreting what you receive. Seeking proof.
  • Basic anatomy, physiology, etheric body, auras, and our frequencies. (For
  • beginners through advanced).
  • Scanning long-distance and in-person techniques Practice your skills in a group.
  • Past lives influence body-mind balancing.
  • Chakras and ductless glands.
  • Shielding techniques that keep your frequency high.
  • Working with difficult situations. The importance of your emotions and more.
  • Practical mind/body knowledge that supports clarity of intention and focus.
  • The importance of recording your findings.

Upcoming Medical Intuitive Workshops:

Friday, 7:30 PM East Coast time, US, Part. One is February 3rd, Part Two is February 17th.

Saturday, 2 PM East Coast time, US, Part. One is February 4th, Part Two is February 18th.

Register by January 4th and save $25.

Register by January 4th to receive a signed copy of either of Nancy’s Books, All Nature Speaks, or The Life Of A Psychic Detective. They make great gifts for the holiday!

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Email any questions to
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Your investment in the Animal Communication class.
$220 - Class + signed copy of Nancy's book (If you register after January 4th)
$50 - Sample Set of Essential Oils
Sample set consists of Young Living blends of Clarity, Surrender, and Highest Potential. The single oils are Sacred Frankincense and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood.

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Nancy looked at a chart, then the new patient, turned to the doctor, and said: “Why did you write a diagnosis of CHF? He does not have Congestive Heart Failure. Do an upper GI test.” Surprised that he listened to her, she was more surprised when he came back hours later saying, “How did you know?”

“That he has an enlarged hiatal hernia? I saw it. Don’t you see it?”

As a child, she thought everyone could see what stood out as a change in the body-mind. As that 19-year-old nurse, she was respected for her gifts by the professionals she met. By age 20, she became a Nursing Supervisor and, twelve years later, was offered the top research position in psychiatry at NYS. Instead, she followed her spiritual mission on a new journey as a medical intuitive. That was 45 years ago.

Studying on her own and guided by Spirit, Nancy is self-taught in healing techniques, remote healing, laying on hands, and more. Seeing the energy fields allows her to create ideas dedicated to helping each individual, whether human or other species.

Whether you are new to this field or in practice, Nancy's mission is the same. To embrace your spiritual journey and help you open new learning doors.