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Getting Rid of the How

After 15 years of no vacation and lots of burn out, I finally remembered to do what I believed— to send a thought/wish/prayer into the universe, God, Creator, whatever your way of conversing with the infinite source of life, with words similar to these below.

“If it is for the highest good for myself, my family, and all concerned then I ask for truly easy, relaxing vacations. If not, I graciously accept the outcome.

That’s how I had 3 amazing vacations over the next 3 years. What happened? Here’s what I believe occurred. I let go of my old thoughts of I wish I could…I don’t know how I’m going to…where will I get the time and money. You get the idea. Look at those thoughts, any ring a bell? For anything you wish could happen for you?

By removing the HOW, I opened the door for magic. My dear friend Phyllis, who now rests on the other side, called me within a few weeks of that prayerful wish and asked if I could go with her to Las Vegas for a week. Her husband was supposed to go with her and had to work. I would experience an all expense paid adventure, in a beautiful suite, with lots of fun with a best friend! That was the first vacation.

The next vacation was accompanying another friend to Hollywood. Since her partner could not go, she asked if I would. Funny how things work out. This time we stayed at the beautiful Bel Air Hotel and had a very relaxing time.

The third one came after I gave a class on the subject of getting rid of the HOW. One attendee said he was paid very little to travel to educate companies on how to best market their products to hospitals. The next day he called to tell me the president of one of those companies called him. The man explained that this executive had felt bad about how little he compensated our friend for his contribution to the success of the company. He offered a week at his log cabin estate on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire. He invited my children and me to go along with a few others.
That was amazing. My maternal family was from that area. I learned how to swim as a child at that lake. When we entered the log cabin situated on the one mile in circumference island on the lake, I gasped. There was a double staircase lined with  original paintings by one of my favorite artists – Maxfield Parrish! While I knew people who could afford all of those dreamy times, I was barely able to put food on the table for my children. That’s why I’m telling you to get rid of the HOW!

The influences in finding time, money, new job, better car, healthier outcomes … do not just come from your efforts. They are manifestations of the connection between all living things. So many other factors and people besides our contributions are involved in creating the outcome. I believe the energy flow of surrendering to the highest good for all allows for a powerful change. That’s the difference between a drippy faucet and Niagara Falls. Letting go of the need to control how it is going to happen, and instead sending the desire into the universal flow opens the possibilities of change. Ready, set, let go!

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