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It was 1984 and I decided to overcome my lack of artistic ability. My doodles could rip and bore the paper I used.  Walking into Barnes and Noble I went over to the Art Section and without looking put my hand out to reach for a book.  It’s title “Drawing With The Right Side of The Brain” by Betty Edwards brought a smile to my lips. Here’s the perfect title for me! When I opened it to the intro I saw that she thanked Ronald Myers for his work on the right and left hemisphere of the brain with Nobel Prize Winner Roger Sperry.

Ron, as I knew him was the head of the research laboratory in Puerto De Tierra, Puerto Rico under the auspices of the Navy. My first husband, Dr. Gilbert A. Preston won a fellowship to study with him there for two years. I spent enough time at the laboratory to glimpse the world of research into the functions of the brain.

I paid for the book, an art pad and some art pencils. Later I would enjoy using art pens which I still use. Around ten in the evening, done with work and children asleep, I would turn on a bright light on my night stand, open both the art pad and the art book, grab my pencil and work. I put the music on that I’ve used for years to enhance the integration of the right and left hemispheres of my brain and proceeded to follow the instructions.  You can use the same music if you go to two blogs on this website: A Gift of Music For Everyone and More Gifts of Music for Everyone.

Three months went by and suddenly I could see what I considered was a pretty drawing! I was thrilled. Since then I’ve done hundreds of drawings. It has surprised me to discover how much I like doing pen and ink drawings and how delicate some are. The purpose I have for drawing is to relax without any goal and enjoy my own creative process. I hope you are doing something for yourself where the only goal is to relax and enjoy your own discoveries. Your creative spirit is alive and well, if you don’t use it often, then here’s a fun way to open that door. Look at the following drawings I’ve done, pick any, print and color! Or create your own!


(You can click on an image to make it larger and then right-click to save to your computer.)

(You can click on an image to make it larger and then right-click to save to your computer.)