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One Past Life

By Nancy | July 25, 2017

Do you believe you lived before? Or do you wonder if you have? Maybe you question what you believe, I know I have and sometimes still do. It has led…

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Blogging on Random Musings and Fun

By Nancy | May 23, 2017

What Makes Your Soul Shine? Intuition – what is it? Many years ago a study was done by two women who interviewed CEO’s around the globe. They were also the…

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DaVinci style or scattered, which are you?

By Nancy | May 22, 2017

There are days that I love going from one activity or project to another. Then there are days that it feels like I start something and bam, a call changes…

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Elaine Silver and Her Yoga Buddy

By Nancy | March 12, 2017

Did you ever discover you could do something you never thought you would do? Back in 1983, I was attending a yoga class. The woman on the next mat and…

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By Nancy | February 11, 2017

Dick and I just came home from watching the movie “InterStellar”. There was a moment when Matthew McConeghy is watching a past event. Dick groaned and commented that the scene…

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Awakening to Ancient Weavings

By Nancy | January 21, 2017

  Around 2005 an idea for a story came to me. Nothing more than a concept, except that I was visited by the the main characters and immersed in an…

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Some songs written by Nancy Orlen Weber & Elaine Silver

By Nancy | January 20, 2017

Elaine Silver and Her Yoga Buddy Did you ever discover you could do something you never thought you would do? Back in 1983 (I think), I was attending a yoga…

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Tell Me More

By Nancy | January 19, 2017
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About Me

By Nancy | June 7, 2014

Welcome to my website. It’s always wonderful to find caring folks who are also curious about this amazing thing we call life. Because folks find my website after seeing documentaries…

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