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Awakening to Ancient Weavings

By Nancy | January 21, 2017

  Around 2005 an idea for a story came to me. Nothing more than a concept, except that I was visited by the the main characters and immersed in an ancient world. The first few paragraphs came seemingly out of nowhere – or a distantly remembered past. “Jaya’s drum rips the quiet hour apart and…

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Some songs written by Nancy Orlen Weber & Elaine Silver

By Nancy | January 20, 2017

Elaine Silver and Her Yoga Buddy Did you ever discover you could do something you never thought you would do? Back in 1983 (I think), I was attending a yoga class. The woman on the next mat and I smiled, chatted after class and became friends. Her name is Elaine Silver and she has been…

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Tell Me More

By Nancy | January 19, 2017
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About Me

By Nancy | June 7, 2014

Welcome to my website. It’s always wonderful to find caring folks who are also curious about this amazing thing we call life. Because folks find my website after seeing documentaries of some of my work as a psychic detective (I have a beautiful gold shield, goes well with everything), some find I may be of…

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