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Animal Communicator Workshop

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Are you new to Animal Communication or want to know more about it?

Click here to read more about Animal Communication.


Live Zoom Classes

This is a 2-day workshop, Part 1 and Part 2. Each workshop is 2 hours.
All classes are held twice, one for those who can attend evening classes East Coast, US time zone, and early afternoon classes East Coast, US time zone.

  • Creating a foundation for working on all species.
  • Learn to translate and interpret the universal language of energetic fields.
  • The art of interpreting what you receive. Seeking proof.
  • Learn the art of long-distance reading of missing pets.
  • How we influence the behavior of all companion animals.
  • Practice your skills in a group.
  • Mediumship with those who have crossed the bridge.
  • Shielding techniques that keep your frequency high.
  • Working with difficult situations. The importance of your emotions and more.
  • Practical mind/body knowledge that supports clarity of intention and focus.
  • The importance of recording your findings.