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About Me

Welcome to my website. It’s always wonderful to find caring folks who are also curious about this amazing thing we call life.

Because folks find my website after seeing documentaries of some of my work as a psychic detective (I have a beautiful gold shield, goes well with everything), some find I may be of value for them when it comes to other matters. It helps for you to know a little about me so here goes. Your questions regarding what I do as a psychic hopefully are answered on the button entitled Private Sessions,Mentoring & Classes.

I’m a nurse (for a very long time), and a medical intuitive, animal communicator, psychic, medium and more. I became interested right away (back in the 1960’s) in all things holistic and the environmental effects on us and the planet. Along the way I studies homeopathy, herbalism, tinctures, Applied Kinesiology (attending workshops and did some research with a DAK – Diplomat in Applied Kinesiology). Co-founded a holistic nonprofit, state rep with my husband Dick for Citizens For Health, a political action to help holistic practices and organic farming and more.

The rest reads like I’m scattered, nope, not at all, just interested in many fields. Some of these interests are…my husband and I published a magazine for years entitled Conscious Living, hosted statewide holistic festivals for about 13 years starting in 1990, continue creating certification programs and CE’s (lay people and nurses right now) in aromatherapy and the science of essential oils, am addicted to great essential oils, love research and have done some for special needs children, love writing, self published two books, the rest will be ready when I’m done with them (about 4 I’m working on, one almost finished), absolutely love helping folks find their own power and believe in their abilities to “follow your bliss” (Joseph Campbell, one of my heroes).

One of the fun things I’ve done is cowrote songs with Elaine Silver.
Click here to hear two of them. If you like lyrics, know these came from poems I wrote a few years before creating the songs.

Click here for the story about writing songs with a fantastic folk singer, Elaine Silver.

I could go on and on, you get the gist. Nursing gave me a desire to feel useful and helpful. It also grounded me so I could fly into the unknown waters of the metaphysical world.

I’m glad you came here and hope what I share is of some value for your life.
I wish everyone the joy of knowing what a gift life is. Every moment. This is my prayer for you.

One thought I offer you
As life carves your valleys and mountains,
One prayer I have for you.

As you plant seeds of dreams to come,
One wish I send out to the stars
To guide you through the storms…

That thought
That prayer
That wish

I wish with you now

That you embrace your souls’ ability to
be patient, to be flexible,

That you eagerly seek patience as you would a lover,
That you find yourself willing to accept the circumstances, that provide for your journey,

And that you take each and every breath with gratitude and delight in the bounty set before you called LIFE.

In the Light of Love,