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A Door Opens

As 2019 has drawn to a close I think of what I need to release. Nature abhors a vacuum so what would I like to fill the void I would be creating?

When necessity forced me to close the door to my nursing career (disabled), I remembered Helen Keller’s words:

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”

I was blessed with great training in nursing school. We learned that help begins with a deep breath. I took that to heart and began a journey in 1975. The first step was quieting myself with belly breathing. Within weeks of simply deep belly breaths I felt anxiety leaving. It opened up a path that left me happily breathless! That simple act taught me faith, restored trust and above all gratitude for everything.

Today I am asking if you are having a difficult time believe that for every fear, every encounter with grief, hurt or disappointment, you can do something to move off of the heavier emotions. Here’s some ideas I’ve used, maybe they can be of use for you.

Three deep breaths. Begin the breath by breathing into your abdomen first, then your chest. Hold it for the count of two. Slowly let it out either through your nostrils or your mouth – your choice.

Scent – perfume and most fragrances are adulterated. That can actually cause emotional disturbances since the scent goes to the brain. The only scent the brain does well with are the purest essential oils from the healthiest soil. I suggest if you don’t know about this do a bit of research. I did and I happily chose a company with what I believe is the highest standards, Young Living. Sacred Frankincense, Highest Potential Blend, Cedarwood and Vetiver are known to support the communication between both hemispheres of the brain.

Music does sooth the savage beast (an old cliche that is still true). When heavy-hearted it seems that music can gently ease us to a better place. The blogs I have on “A Gift of Music For Everyone” and “More Gifts of Music For Everyone” keep us in both hemispheres of the brain. Neuroscience and some therapies like EMDR show that the emotional impact of any form of trauma is what causes high stress. By keeping us in both hemispheres the traumas can be processed. We still remember them, we won’t be thrown out of balance from them.

As the new year approaches think of what matters most in your life. The word miracle refers to “surpasses all known human or natural powers”. I believe the most “natural powers” are from our Creator to our Soul, from our Soul to ourselves. When we realize that all things come from that, we can take those deep breaths.

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