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A Gift of Music For Everyone

A Gift of Music For Everyone

My first assistant, Kim, left our state, married and called me asking “can you please do a meditation tape for me. (now you know how long ago that was). I’m pregnant and would love to listen to a soothing voice.”  From that request Inner Journeys For Mothers-To-Be book and music were born. That was about thirty years before I was interested in revamping the book, this time I knew it would be important to do three things besides supporting mothers-to-be.

One would be to give some of the proceeds to the Young Living Foundation in support of pregnant woman in need, the second would be to include what essential oils would be most useful for a joyous journey and the third was to give everyone who reads the book and all others, music that soothes and relaxes.

Since joining Young Living, a wondrous world wide holistic lifestyle and essential oil company, I’ve met many fantastic folks. One of them is Bryan Culpepper. A musician since age 5, he was part of a country group, Pearl River out of Nashville and then worked for Glen Campbell both writing music and his band accompanied Glen Campbell tour.
Sometime during that journey he went inward to discover how music effects our lives. It’s funny how so many things can lead us to the same point.

Bryan agreed to create specific music to bring about a relaxed state. It is based on the works found in the books SuperLearning and SuperLearning 2000. That too was synchronistic. I met the authors back in 1979 and with their permission created my own music based on the research on what creates a wonderful interaction between both hemispheres of our brain and calms us when anxious.

Now Bryan and I hope you enjoy his “Heartbeat of A Soul” and “Gentle Thoughts”

All the others here are the ones I’ve joyfully created.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

Heartbeat of Soul

Light Passages Music and Visualization

Light Passages Music Only

Nurturing Music

Nurturing Music only

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