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About Me

Life is a wild wide spectrum and I’m filled with gratitude for this miracle called living.
While there are moments of intense grief and pain, I also create for myself moments to rejoice.
I anoint myself each morning, offer a gratitude prayer and write. The rest unfolds from there.

Favorite to do’s — teaching self-empowerment, raising your intuition, sharpening psychic skills which to me means letting your soul sense the universes and guide your life. So much fun to watch folks wake up to their own abilities to be more creative, take healthy risks, change the negative to great patterns for life.

Private mentoring gives you and me the opportunity to support and strengthen your trust of yourself and your own inner guidance.

It becomes simple to feel connected working with Skype, FaceTime, Zoom and Free Conference it’s easy to get to know folks around the world.

At you will find the certification and CE programs I love creating and teaching too!

In the Light of Love,

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