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Psychic Detective

True Stories and Exercises For The Soul

This book began as notes on crime cases I’ve worked on with the police and the FBI. I received a police badge in 1981 from the town I lived in, Mt. Olive, NJ and a Sheriff’s commendation (Morris County, NJ. The story on why I received the police badge is yet to be written so look for it at this website in coming months. While my psychic ability helped close cases, my belief that we are all on a journey together helped me find ways to help people heal the wounds that crimes bring to everyone, the victims, law enforcement agents, and people simply reading the newspaper accounts. Having had my own brush with someone attempting to murder me I can easily empathize. Perhaps it’s those experiences I’ve gone through that helps me step inside to touch into the darkest regions of someone’s murderous proclivities and also reach the victims on the other side.

The Exercises For The Soul was created because I believe that we all can grow, add to the flow of energy with our thoughts for the highest good and do simply things that will empower us, not leave us feeling hopeless.

One day while featured on a “Ricki Lake Show” about missing children I was asked, “do you see where this man’s 2 year old son is?”

Rather than answer the question: “If I do know I certainly would not state that on national television, it would be the best way to alert the mother. However if everyone watching simply opened up their hearts and minds to sending a message to the mother and son asking for the most spiritual and loving conclusion, miracles will happen.”

During the break I spoke with the man in question and told him I believed his ex-wife took his son to Canada. I further told him I believed she would be caught by a customs officer at the border between Michigan and Canada. I mentioned when it would happen. I received a call from him right after his son was back in his arms. It happened as I was shown. That isn’t always the case. When I tell these events I usually add “no one is always right or accurate. If we were or believed we were we would be trouble to everyone.”

To add to that, we were filming for a documentary and taking a break. George Deucher had worked with me years before (he retired from law enfocement, now does television shows and an international training for law enforcement agencies).

During the break the interviewer asked him “why do you believe in Nancy so strongly?”

His reply: “When we working the Rachel Domas case with her, she was so good at it I asked her about another case I was working on. She was quiet for a few minutes, then said “I don’t have anything, sorry.” And that’s why I believe her.”

“Skeptical about psychic detectives? Read Nancy’s story and find out why this cop isn’t”

–Author Tom Walker, “Fort Apache”

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