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Metaphysical Threads

On Rosh Hashanah we ponder, as we do on January 1st of a new year, the Chinese New Year and any other new year, the meaning of commitment to new moments, peace and taking time to go within to enter into the world with more and more love.  It brought back the thread of traveling […]

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Soul Light News Volume #1

Gathering Friendship Like minded friends create and gather energy. The share fun, difficulties, private matters and more. Who do you turn to? What’s a deep breath? Who cares? Everyone needs to care about taking deep breaths. It’s the pivotal turning point for living well or…well, not living to whatever extent we deprive ourselves. Decades ago […]

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A Gift of Music For Everyone

My first assistant, Kim, left our state, married and called me asking “can you please do a meditation tape for me. (now you know how long ago that was). I’m pregnant and would love to listen to a soothing voice.”  From that request Inner Journeys For Mothers-To-Be book and music were born. That was about […]

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One Past Life

Do you believe you lived before? Or do you wonder if you have? Maybe you question what you believe, I know I have and sometimes still do. It has led to more questions, more wondering what it actually means. It was 1977 and a dear friend, Betty Weiss was visiting. Betty had just taken a […]

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Blogging on Random Musings and Fun

It is salvation itself to have an outlet for the many ideas, inspirations, musings, discoveries, joys, interests, etc.. that flood my mind/spirit/soul.  Without a way out, we might burst.  This blog is my relief valve.  Put your boots on. What Makes Your Soul Shine? Intuition – what is it? Many years ago a study was […]

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DaVinci style or scattered, which are you?

There are days that I love going from one activity or project to another. Then there are days that it feels like I start something and bam, a call changes everything, or I suddenly remember I’ve promised to do something. Over the years the saying, “people make plans, God laughs” has become a reference point […]

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Dick and I just came home from watching the movie “InterStellar”. There was a moment when Matthew McConeghy is watching a past event. Dick groaned and commented that the scene was silly.“As silly as me waiting for the limo to take me to the UN?” And then I quietly revisited my 5th grade experience. Each […]

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Awakening to Ancient Weavings

Queen Sheba’s palace at Dungur, Axum city, Tigray Province, Ethiopia Around 2005 an idea for a story came to me. Nothing more than a concept, except that I was visited by the the main characters and immersed in an ancient world. The first few paragraphs came seemingly out of nowhere – or a distantly remembered […]

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