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Blogging on Random Musings and Fun

It is salvation itself to have an outlet for the many ideas, inspirations, musings, discoveries, joys, interests, etc.. that flood my mind/spirit/soul.  Without a way out, we might burst.  This blog is my relief valve.  Put your boots on. What Makes Your Soul Shine? Intuition – what is it? Many years ago a study was […]

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DaVinci style or scattered, which are you?

There are days that I love going from one activity or project to another. Then there are days that it feels like I start something and bam, a call changes everything, or I suddenly remember I’ve promised to do something. Over the years the saying, “people make plans, God laughs” has become a reference point […]

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Dick and I just came home from watching the movie “InterStellar”. There was a moment when Matthew McConeghy is watching a past event. Dick groaned and commented that the scene was silly.“As silly as me waiting for the limo to take me to the UN?” And then I quietly revisited my 5th grade experience. Each […]

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Awakening to Ancient Weavings

Queen Sheba’s palace at Dungur, Axum city, Tigray Province, Ethiopia Around 2005 an idea for a story came to me. Nothing more than a concept, except that I was visited by the the main characters and immersed in an ancient world. The first few paragraphs came seemingly out of nowhere – or a distantly remembered […]

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Some songs written by Nancy & Elaine Silver

Elaine Silver and Her Yoga Buddy Did you ever discover you could do something you never thought you would do? Back in 1983 (I think), I was attending a yoga class. The woman on the next mat and I smiled, chatted after class and became friends. Her name is Elaine Silver and she has been […]

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About Me

Life is a wild wide spectrum and I’m filled with gratitude for this miracle called living. While there are moments of intense grief and pain, I also create for myself moments to rejoice. I anoint myself each morning, offer a gratitude prayer and write. The rest unfolds from there. Favorite to do’s — teaching self-empowerment, raising your intuition, sharpening psychic skills which to me...

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