Consider Nancy's Audio books for the holidays.

What better way to share with you the idea that everything is inside by keeping everything on self care with the intuitive site! Shine the light in a direction and suddenly we have awareness. We are the hub and the spokes of our wheel are the subjects we find are important to us. Balance them all and the wheel turns, out of balance and we are stuck in the mud.

From drawing and painting to studying chemistry, I love it all. Life is filled with a wide spectrum and none of us knows for how long. Each moment is a blessing, even the ones we experience as intense grief and pain. Missing someone, physical pain, other serious matters, none could happen if we did not have a form with a heart to love the good moments.

Having had many moments of intense grief and pain, I also create for myself moments to rejoice. I anoint myself each morning, offer a gratitude prayer and write. The rest unfolds from there.

May you find your gifts and treasure them as your Soul and Spirit flowing through you into the world.

May you release all that is not assisting your highest good and consciously find ways to bring you into peaceful and loving moments again and again.

In the joyful light of love,
Nancy Orlen Weber